Where would you like to go?

Hell  Year Four and welcome to our last term together.

This term we are going to be looking at where we would like to go. We will be researching places in the North West, finding out what they are like, what there is to do there and how we could get there. You will be planning a trip, looking up train time tables and costs, and persuading the other children that yours would be the best place to visit.

Is there any where that you have already been that you would like to show the other childre?

Is there somewhere that you have seen that you  would really like to visit?




If you are struggling for places to look at these weblinks will help you find out about 3 very different places.

Let me know what you find and where you would like to visit. Miss Cross is looking forward to a nice trip at the end of the year so get researching!!!

Mrs. Comber

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Impressive Children.

Thank you Year Four for a very enjoyable weekend. I know that Miss. Cross and Ms. Mainwaring agree that it was brilliant. We have all been really impressed by your courage, confidence and behaviour, you have been a credit to us. I have learnt something new about all of you this weekend and have been amazed by what you have achieved. You even inspired me to have another go at the Trapeze, the one activity I said I would never do again. I have seen you all grow in confidence and find new friendships where there were none before. I hope that you continue to have the confidence to try new things and achieve different things.

I would like to know what your favourite part of the weekend was, so let me know. Is there something that you would like to do again? I might even try the trapeze again!!!!!!

Thanks again for a wonderful weekend, see you all on Tuesday.

IMG_00000082_editI hope to be able to get more pictures soon. Having a little difficulty sorting through them we took hundreds of them.


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Mrs. Comber

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Robinwood Day 2

Hello again to all our parents and friends. Can I say a big thank you to every one who has posted a message back to us. The kids have loved to hear from you.

We have had another action packed day. You will be glad to know that everyone has survived the piranha pool with all their fingers and toes intact.

The children have discovered new talents while they have been here; Shayla, George, Maro, Letisha, Josiah, Marni and Temika all scored bulls eyes in archery

They have jumped from great heights without fear, braved ice cold water (and eels!!!!!) while doing a sky dive and shown great team work and friendship. They have made us proud because no matter how scared they may have been they have all tried everything.

They will certainly be in bed and asleep by 9 tonight.

We look forward to seeing you back home tomorrow.

Mrs. Comber and Year Four.

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Hi to all the parents and family out there reading this.

We arrived safe and sound, well done to Olivia C for being the first to the top of the steep hill and well done to Ms. Mainwaring for making it at all. Every one having a great time either swinging on the giant swing or trying to find their way through an obstacle course blindfolded.

Mrs. Comber and a very excited year four

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Hello and welcome back Year Four.

This term we are going to be looking at the poem ‘The Pied Piper of Hamelin’. We will be investigating what happened and investigate whether their is any truth in the story. Does Hamelin exist? Did they children disappear? What happened to them?

We will also be researching rats and how we could have helped the people of Hamelin if we were rat catchers.

Miss Cross, Miss Mainwaring  and I are looking forward to our weekend away at Robinwood with those of you who are going. It will be fun to find out if any of you have got any hidden talents.


Let me know what you are looking forward to this term.


Mrs. Comber

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Why Do We All Need To Be Scientists?

Hello year four and welcome back.

This half term we are going to be scientists looking at how our body works and how we can keep it healthy.

We will be investigating what happens to our bodies when we exercise and how our muscles and our skeleton help us to move.

We will be writing instructions about how to keep healthy and reading and writing Funnybones stories.

Try some of these websites for games to play to help you learn about your body.



Let me know something that you have learnt this term or something that you have been out and found out for yourself.


Mrs. Comber.

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Happy New Year and welcome back.

This term we are going to be researching China. Finding out where it is and what it is like to live there.

We will also be looking at how Chinese New Year is celebrated.

The main religion in China is Buddhism. We will be reading Buddhist stories and finding out how Buddhists live their lives.

Try using this link to find out facts about China and share them with others on our blog.



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Where are the coldest places on Earth?

Hello year four. This term we are going on a journey to the coldest places on earth. We are going to be finding out about people who have travelled to the Polar Regions, what lives there and what we will need to go on our journey.


Use this website to find out about Shakletons expedition to the South Pole. Share your amazing facts with us by posting them on the blog.


What can you find out about Antartica by using this link?

Where do Polar bears live?

How do they survive in the cold weather?

What other animals live in the North and South Pole?

I hope you enjoy your journey to the coldest places on earth.

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Who lived at Ordsall Hall?

Hello Year Four and welcome to a new term and year. We are going to be finding out all about the Tudors this term, looking at what they ate, what they did for entertainment and the difference between the rich and poor. As part of this we will be going to Ordsall Hall. Have you already been to Ordsall Hall? What can you tell me about it? We will also be looking at the links between Elizabeth I and Ordsall Hall and whether Guy Fawkes ever visited it.


I hope you enjoy this topic, let me know what you have learnt or even what you would like to find out.

Why not click on this web link and find out about the Tudors and even have a go at Jousting.



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